[Review] – Vulfpeck at l’Olympia : Why you should have been there.

▪ There are live gigs that stay in your mind and heart more than any others. Both Vulfpeck‘s rounds in Paris at l’Olympia this weekend (September 28th and 29th) are part of it. It was what we can call a privilege for all real music lovers. The virtuosos and American prominence funk band brought us into a spacio-temporal journey to a funk bubble that we are not ready to leave.

I hope you were there but if you weren’t, you know what you have to do next time… And if you don’t know or if you’ve never heard of them yet, prepare to be educated. In the meanwhile, here is a little review so let’s go back into the crowd. ▪


The rendezvous is set at l’Olympia, one of the legendary venues in Paris, where all the greatest artists have been there such as legends bearing the names of Miles Davis (1960), Louis Armstrong (1962) or Aretha Franklin (1968). There could not have been a better venue for Vulfpeck who blows twice in a row Olympia sold out ! 😍

The first part of the evening is provided by multi-instrumentalist and inveterate Vulfpeck collaborator Joey Dosik. Accompanied by Theo Katzman on drums/back vocals and James Cornelison on guitar/bass, he brings a golden, powerful and determined vocal performance and shine beautifully by sharing pieces of music extracted from his EP Game Winner and more recently from his debut album Inside Voice (released on 8/24/2018). 

Whether on saxophone, rhodes or piano, he excels with grace and delight, and turns every melodies you can hear and see into a dream coming true. « Running Away », « Don’t Want To Be Over », « Game Winner », « Stories » (original song by Bill Withers)…
Listeners, as they experience a melange of musical styles and feeling, can easily find themselves diving through essential musical references. Contagious pleasure and genuine love. Like I said before, it’s about Music but education as well and there is no doubt that Joey is an incredible teacher ! ♡

The clock strike nine 🛎

Olympia’s red curtains reveal themselves gently. The boyz Jack Stratton, Woody Goss Joe DartTheo Katzman and Joey Dosik run onto the stage with smiles from ear to ear under a thunder applause of two thousand-odd people. The crowd goes wild and sweat from boundless energy from the first notes. The gig starts with older Vulfpeck’s tunes such as « Fugue State », the eponymously named « Cory Wong » on which THE Cory Wong, genius guitarist from Minneapolis, came on stage (for all who wanna party like it’s 1999) and « Daddy, He Got A Tesla ». Jamming, dancing and impoving solid instrumentation and solos at each others, the band – so tight and unified – raises the temperature quickly under a groovy and funky sound. The musical chemistry between the band members is clearly apparent. 

They perform popular jams such as the very dancing and delirious « Animal Spirits » from The Beautiful Game album, joining on stage and helping by vocalist Antwaun Stanley on « Baby I Don’t Know » (original song « Do with you » by Ryan Lerman), the highly positive « 1 for 1 », the soulful anthem and helpful to remember a pin code « 1612 » (don’t forget : clapping on 1 and 3), « Aunt Leslie », « Funky Duck » and « Wait for the Moment », « Birds of a Feather, We Rock Together ». His voice is nothing but butter for the soul.
The night continue with an acapella version of the soothing « Back Pocket ». Multi-instrumentalist Theo Katzman blows the audience with unbelievable falsetto notes, helped by an audience – backing choir of enthusiasts who sing all along. The atmosphere is absolutely amazing and smells like a big friend’s party where the only thing that matters is making and sharing good music, and having fun !
They brings back the funk with ultimate jams as « Christmas in L.A. », « Hero Town », « Beastly », « Lost My Treble Long Ago » plus « Dean Town » with DOE JART ON THE BENDER FASS. Probably (100% sure) the bass line that all was waiting for ! Numerous covers coming after including : « I Want You Back » by The Jackson 5, « September » by Earth, Wind, and Fire and « Tell Me Something Good » by Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan.

With a boosted generosity and a deep dope groove, Vulfpeck conquered all hearts and souls during both night. Their stage presence was effusive, the crowd sang the whole note for note in perfect timing on almost all tracks and their collaboration/interaction with the crowd was stoked perfectly. They leave the stage with « Welcome to Vulf Records » as a goodbye theme song.
▪There is nothing greater than being able to connect and experience this kind of moments with each other through Music. With mutual respect, humility, open-handed, kindness, sharing and Love, the gigs were solid gold. Leaving the venue, the crowd continues to sing in unison. Paris has been seduced. 💜

As it was ones of the best live gigs has seen in a long time, please, do yourself a favor. If they’re playing near you don’t reflect too long. Grab a ticket and thanks me later. You won’t be disappointed. At the end, it’s all about real music by real musicians. ▪ 

Joey Dosik will be in Paris at Le Badaboum November the 8th for an unforgettable night so please tell everybody, come and support him as he deserve all the Love and applause. This is clearly music for your soul 

Musically yours 



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