Dear beloved Prince…

To you, who never stopped to inspire me and will continue to make me dream…


I fell in love with you long time ago. It was in 1979, I think. And at that time, I was not even in my mother’s womb… It all started with this album entitled sublimate Prince. You, bare-chested and this gorgeous Afro cut on an electric blue background. You and your eyes that you put so delicately on us. You, naturally.
Yes, I have to say this is what made me melt. Natural tone, your charisma and this thing that has so charmed my ears from the first listen.

At that moment, Iknew that you would change my life forever. And that I wanna be your lover. You did and you will continue to be a part of my daily life.

There are 5 months ago, you allowed myself to come for the second time at your home, in Paisley Park. Two nights I will never forget. This means as your words still echo in my head, your energy and your beauty will continue to fight forever in my heart.

Unconditional and unavoidable love I doomed you for so many years.
Thank you to all of my heart.
Thank you for this shared passion, for the art you send to us.
Thank you for all you gave us.
Beautiful and truly soul. No more words for now. Your art will speak for me.

A part of me went without.
But no matter the distance and absence, we find us again the day I’ll find my way back home too. And as you said so well : « The key to longevity is to learn every appearance of music than you can. » Still waiting.

I wish you heaven Prince, I love you so much. Truly, passionately and indefinitely.
My Beautiful Ones.

Musically yours



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