Let’s go back on this Friday and Saturday November 6th/7th, in Minnesota’s state…

All started with a Tweet which I asked the one and only Prince if he gives me the permission to come to see him at Paisley Park this weekend and his answer come quickly and was quite convincing.

prince tweetIt seems that lucky vibes were around the corner at that time cause Prince announced a pajama party at Paisley Park on 6th and 7th November. What a time to be alive !


It’s all about musique had to be present !

Friday doors open at 22h for $ 40.
Paisley Park has not changed since the first time I went there, it was one year ago, when FKA Twings played in his house; The atmosphere still cozy, inside groomed, graciously decorated and smelled vanilla candle beautifully.
« Bring yo jammies »
We are about 60-70 people waiting at the NPG Music Lounge.
On stage, the Lovesymbol advocates under beautiful lighting. To wait, we dance in  the rhythm of an old school directory led by Trevor Guy (in charge of programming and photographs ) that does not displease the public which takes place in a calm and friendly atmosphere.
As promised on the flyer, the evening begins with a broadcast video. 20 minutes of captured live at the Zenith in Paris last June. Nod or not, the attention is nice.
Prince joined the front stage, dressed all in green and wearing a beanie in the color of Jamaica. Opening live on guitar alongside Kirk Johnson (drums), Donna Grantis (guitar), Mononeon (bass) and Adrian Crutchfield (sax )

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Soft lights , fans , psychedelic background images …
The new formation gives us a long instrumental version of « Let’s Go Crazy » which quickly sets the tone for the evening : transcendent.

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Prince leaves his guitar to join his piano with « The Ballad of Dorothy Parker » and « Expectation »

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In real conductor, Prince takes care to honor all members of the group, one by one, somehow comes through powerful guitar solos, bass, drums and sax.

!!! Mononeon (basse) !!!

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A medley of « Use Me », « In Time », « We Can Make It If You Try » continue the evening before concluding with « I’m the one, You’re the one » et « Days of wild/ Get freaky and get your head bob ». The concert, about 1 hour, took a much more jazz/rock twist.

A new twist that is not displeasing and who have convinced more than one, and more of that perfect communion and this fluidity that seems to prevail among the group members. A flawless cast.

Donna Grantis has undeniably gained confidence and technique. Despite its recent arrival in the group, seems perfectly Mononeon have found his place and his playing on stage is flawless.  A flawless and dope live for Kirk Johnson (who began to play with Prince in the 80’s) and Adrian Crutchfield.

After the concert, Prince took a few bike rides while the rest of the group, always accessible and available, exchanged with the public and took the time to walk around the NPG Music Lounge and in the adjoining room where drinks and food were offered. Like everyone else, they were waiting to see if they would go back (or not) on stage.

We’ll seen them again the following evening.

Saturday, November 7th

The evening was very different from that experienced the day before.
Settled comfortably on cushions and tables typical jazz clubs specially made ​​publicly available came more that night ( approx. 150 people) we would have almost had the feeling of being at home.


Just like Friday evening, the party began with a broadcast .

This time, it comes with an audio broadcast of the acoustic album by Andy Allo in featuring Prince on guitar presented by TIDAL and exclusively available on the platform for 12 hours.

After listening over, Prince joined the scene and moved to the piano.
He is alone on stage during 7 titles : « If eye could get your attention », « Rapberry Beret », « Starfish and Coffee », the instrumental version of « with you » a ballad of his second eponymous album (1979), « « sweet thing »,
« something in the water (does not compute) » and « Girl & Boys » before being joined by the group on « Love or $ », « When will we B paid? » et « Stratus ».

« Come on stage when you feel it » he said to his band.

A performance in which he is engaged, and revealed, alone.

« Who was here last night ? Because I played 4 hours, alone. You know what is it to be in the state of « zone » ? »

The zone state, a state in which the artist is faced with himself in a pure creative space . A time when emotion overtakes all of us for different reasons .

Saturday night, Prince boarded us perfectly into this « zone » that he knows so well and he is about to introduce you as of November 21 on the occasion of a tour that will end on 22 December.

The Europe tour, which will pass through 16 cities and 11 countries, will be an opportunity for him to try new things and to propose an improvised live for each date with the sole accompaniment piano and a microphone.

At the end of « When will we B paid? » Prince invites us to get up to the final that he continues with « Stratus » before leaving the stage.

Around 0:45 , Kirk Johnson announces following program with watching the latest James Bond near Paisley Park at Chanhassen Cinema. Two members of the band come with us. We will learn later that Prince privatized all cinema halls.
Just for us .

A weekend where he took care to put us at ease and seemed happy to receive us. This exceeds by far the wildest dreams.


With Prince, you never know what can happen…



Musically yours



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