Prince welcome us to his home to celebrate the fall of the 1st snow !

Friday, November 14th, 2014



FKA live at Paisley Park doors at 9:30 p.m., $35 cover.
On Prince’s twitter, the tone is set and funky !

// … Life’s principle to give all necessary means to achieve dreams. Even the craziest… //

Announced on Friday for a scheduled departure Saturday morning.
After a stop in Chicago and 8 hours and an half flight later, here we are in Minneapolis (US), the largest city in Minnesota and birthplace of Prince. Climatic conditions are harsh enough, the temperature are close to -2/ -5 ° and roads, dressed in a beautiful snow’s blanket, taunted us from the window. Ready for the celebration, the first snowflakes are indeed here !10405514_10205205641165831_6232843553857830956_n


6:30 – 7 p.m
Time for us to land and take our car registered Florida that we are already part way to Paisley Park, map in hands. No need to tell you my excitement at this point…


Traveling on the MN- 5W, I look carefully each new signs hoping of finally seeing the one that will melt my heart. Heating up and big coats, this is at the turning of a fire that we perceive, finally, Paisley Park. That’s it. We are here !!

Paisley Park, Prince’s home and studio complex recordings stands there, front of our eyes, illuminated by purple/gold spotlights. It’s hard to believe as we had dream of this moment so haaaard…

8:30 p.m
The first cars are already parked, our timing is quit perfect.
My eyes constantly are contemplating this place at once so imposing and almost unreal. First picture time as this special moment requires a memory.
When I’m writing these lines, I’ve a little trouble to realize where I was this Saturday night…10253855_10205193716507722_7965680583464992377_n

Of all Prince’s concerts that I did, waiting for this show was worthy a « first class » ; because due to the freezing cold, we were not allowed to wait outside. The time after our arrival was so very pleasant, warm wedged in the car with Paisley Park for single view, and what a view!!

9:30 p.m
Walking into Prince’s home is made with a shy but determined walk. I probably look like a kid in a huge toy store. Contemplating any details, any corner, every blink of an eye is a chance, taking a memorable sight. The welcome is warm and more « friendly « , the atmosphere is filled with scents of vanilla scented candles flavors/lavender. Everything is beautiful.

FKA Twigs


The Weeknd female version (dance contortion in addition to) combines a vibrant rhythmic beat a soul/voice controlled by a more fair and crystal electro- pop. FKA on stage is accompanied by 3 musicians (pad, bass, guitar).

The band play slow and mesmerizing tracks. Prince is sitting on a couch at the top of the stairs just above us. Turning a glance, you can see Ida Nielsen, Donna GrantisHannah and Joshua Welton arriving during the performance to reach the back of the room. After an hour, FKA (also known as Tahliah Barnett) leaves the scene with the audience’s applause who was conquered.

Setlist :

∇ Preface
∇ Ache
∇ Lights On
∇ Give Up
∇ Water Me
∇ Pendulum
∇ Numbers
∇ Hide
∇ Video Girl
∇ Kicks
∇ Papi Pacify
∇ Two Weeks

∇ How’s That

Followed by her musicians, FKA leave the NPG Music Club after Prince welcomed her and her band. Less than 10 minutes later, we find ourselves facing an empty stage, dimly lit, and questions follow immediately : « OMG, Do you think he’s going to play tonight ?? »
Two huge white doors (the famous doors with LoveSymbol ) open to the sound of a new song entitle « Revelation » beautified with purple and orange lights hidden under a light fog. Once we had time to return (and understand what was going on), we rush to get inside one of the largest room in Paisley Park and finally see the scene !

Go to Paisley Park is one thing. Go to Paisley Park and see Prince playing live is another !
After a short run, we find ourselves in front of the stage, at the steps.
Microphone, drums, guitars, bass and synth. Everything is there.
Candles still follow us, even on the stage. I was ready to ask somebody to pinch myself as the atmosphere seemed sooooo unreal !
Behind the stage, a huge screen is projecting a picture of the band (from the book of the album « PlectrumElectrum« )

Joshua is already on stage to pursuit magic sounds with new titles that Prince asked him to play, half hiding behind the scene :  » The Ex  » s Face » ; « Revelation« ; « Is not About to Stop » and  » If I Could Get Your Attention« .

The band finally goes on stage, followed by the Kid dressed in white and wearing his wonderful (and impressive) afro ❤
An hot version of « Let’s Go Crazy  » accompanied by riffs and guitar solos were literally mind-blowing public. And, just to make me dream more, I have his guitar in my hands at the end of the song…

 After a 15 min break and a DJ set later (remix AOA and Plectrum Electrum ; « Controversy » ; « Come On » ; « Let’s Work« ), the 2nd set started : a piece of Led Zepp re-opens the ball then follow a 20-minute version of « Plectrum Electrum » and « Play That Fonky Music« .

The 3rd set start after a hour for a more intimate show because we are, at this time, about 50 people in the room. The atmosphere is warm, Prince took the opportunity to walk around the room and dancing with the group behind the scene.
DJ set : « Excess Space » (Rita Ora duet) ; « If I Could Get Your Attention » (Taja Sevelle with Prince on vocals)

We waited a long time but it was worth it. « Kiss » picks up the thread of the evening and FKA joined the band on stage to dance, Prince playing synth. The tracks continues with « Funk N Roll » and « Fix Ur Life Up« . The public was in a better shape than ever (remember, it was almost 4 a.m… )

Sample set : « Hot Thing » ; « Sign O ‘The Times« ; « When Doves Cry » (sung and played in full) ; « Erotic City » with Prince on bass for a … breathtaking … solo … DOPE ; « Housequake« ; « 17 days« ; « Scream of Passion« ; and a brief excerpt from « Nasty Girl« .


We are escorted by staff who cares to ask us if we enjoyed the evening. Frustration and sadness intoxicates me with the idea of having to go home.
I contemplate for until the end the scenery of this beautiful city, a symphony of greenery and lake.
No live report can really describe the magic of what happened that night. I hope at least to be up as much as possible, and keep you dreaming…


Musically yours



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